Bribe Allegations in the Panwas Recruitment Process in North Sumatera Part 3

The defendant number 2 in the trial for bribe allegation case in the Election Monitoring Committee (Panwas) recruitment process in North Sumatera, Hardi Munthe, in his plea, denied all of the charges filed by Pangulu Siregar, the suitor. Hardi, a member of the Elections Monitoring Body (Bawaslu) of North Sumatera, provided evidences to denied those charges to the presiding judge from the Election Monitoring Body Honour Council (DKPP).

Never Respond

Hardi said, Pangulu only sent him text message once, that is on June 18th 2017. The message was: “Horas (North Sumatran greeting word), Uncle! Do you still remember me, Uncle? This is Pangulu Siregar from Asahan Regency. We’ve met at the expediency test at Kanaya Hotel. Currently I’m participating in Panwas recruitment process in Asahan. Please help me, Uncle.”

Hardi said he never responded to Pangulu’s message in order to maintain his integrity as a member of Bawaslu. “As a member of Bawaslu, I am forbidden by law to make any communication with candidaes of the recruitment process. I never violate any regulation or code of conduct by giving him hints or support,” said Hardi during the trial session in Jakarta (09/25).

What Happened at Duren Ucok, Medan

Hardi claimed that he never have any involvement with this matter. This is evident by his absence during the disputed meeting at Duren Ucok, Medan, on July 7th 2017. During that meeting, Hardi was on a business trip to Padang Sidempuan and attending a wedding party of one of his colleagues’ daughter, Suryani Lubis. After that, Hardi went on a holiday trip with his son to Sibolga.

Hardi had submitted a copy of duty warrant, a boarding pass ticket, wedding party invitation, several photos, and payment receipt from a hotel in Sibolga as evidences.

The Disputed Documents

Hardi said, he is skeptical that there is a leak on the questions test. Hardi has full confidence on the integrity of the Selection Committee members.

In addition, the questions bank was directly sent from Jakarta by a team from Bawaslu on the day of the examination. Therefore, Hardi have never set an eye on the disputed documents.

Syafrida R. Hasahan, the Chairman of Bawaslu of North Sumatera, also provided the same account. According to Syafrida, the questions bank was wrapped in a plastic and may only be opened when the examination test begins. If there is any unused questions sheet, it will be immediately destroyed by the members of the Committee.

“Only members of Central Bawaslu and the participants of the test could know about the content of the documents. I never see it myself,” said Syafrida.