February 22, 2024

2.900 Voters with Mental Disability Are Unable to Vote in Jakarta’s Local Elections

The Chairperson of Healthy Soul Association (PJS), Yenny Rosa Damayanti, says there are 2.900 voters with mental disability at mental institution Panti Laras 1, Panti Laras 2, Panti Laras 3, and Panti Laras 4, who cannot vote in Jakarta’s local election because the Election Commission of East Jakarta and West Jakarta are not establishing polling station at those mental institutions. Voters at Panti Laras 2, 3, and 4 are even not registered at the Voters’ List.

“Residents of Panti Laras 1 are probably registered in the Voters’ List because they were able to vote in the last local election,” says Rosa to Rumah Pemilu (02/15).

Rosa then explains that the Director of Panti Laras 3, Sarima, has already trying to reach the Election Commission so many times so the residents at Panti Laras 3 can vote in the election. But her attempts always end up in vain.

“Sarima has been going back and forth between the Election Commission (KPU) office and the Residents and Civil Registry Office (Disdukcapil),” says Rosa.

Rosa is disappointed by the lack of integrity on KPU’s behalf because they do not provide proper facility for voters with disability to vote on the election day. This problem has been around since 2014, even though every mental institution under Panti Laras inhabited by more than 500 residents, which is the minimal requirement for an area to have one polling station.

“KPU has promised that voters with mental disability will be able to execute their voting rights. However, in this year’s election they are breaking their own promise. They have to be held responsible for neglecting around 2.900 voters with mental disability,” says Rosa.

Panti Laras 1 and 3 are located in West Jakarta, while Panti Laras 2 and 4 are located in East Jakarta.