February 26, 2024

42 Political Parties Do Not Attend the SIPOL KPU Introduction

On March 7th 2017, the Election Commission (KPU) conducted introduction and pilot testing of the Information System of Political Parties (SIPOL). SIPOL is designed to anticipate the 2019 Legislative Elections. The purpose of this program is to facilitate political parties in preparing the requirements needed to register as participant in the elections, and to improve the transparency and accountability of KPU.

“We want to remind political parties that registration and verification is important processes that need to be prepared early on. With SIPOL, political parties will be able to upload all the required files anywhere, anytime, as long as they have internet connection,” says the Chairman of KPU, Juri Ardiantoro, in Jakarta (03/17).

Juri then says that there are 42 political parties that did not attend at the introduction event. Out of total 73 political parties registered at the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, only 31 parties attended the event.

“We were unable to contact many political parties because they change their address and telephone number. As the consequence, there are many political parties that do not receive information regarding SIPOL,” says Juri.