February 23, 2024

There are 7.734.485 Voters in Banten

There are 7.734.485 registered voters in the Province of Banten for the 2017 Local Elections. 216.647 of them are first-time voters, while the other 4.482 are voters with disability. There are also 88.599 voters registered as potential voters without electronic-Resident Identification Card (e-KTP).

“We have included voters who are currently in correctional institutions and prisons. We have also included voters with disability from all five disability categories,” says a member of the Division of Planning and Data in the Election Commission of Banten, Didih M. Sudi, to Rumah Pemilu (12/09).

Previously, in the Provisional Voters List of Banten, it was recorded that there are 7.802.350 registered voters. KPU of Banten then eliminates 67.865 voters from the list due to their failure to show their e-KTP), moving out to another area, join the military or police force, or pass away.

“There is no double entry in the Voters List. We have eliminated double entry even before the finalization of Provisional Voters List. Those who have been eliminated due to e-KTP may still be able to vote if they receive their e-KTP before the Election Day or if they are able to show a letter of reference from the Civil Records Office,” says Didih.

KPU of Banten has prepared 16.540 Polling Centers across Banten area. There are nine Polling Stations in correctional institutions and prisons. Any voter who receives hospital treatment on the Election Day will be visited by members of Election Committee so he/she is able to vote.