July 12, 2024

There are 840.091 Registered Voters in West Sulawesi

After being postponed for a week, the Voters List for the Local Elections in West Sulawesi is finally published on December 16 2016. There are 840.091 voters on the list. The total registered voters is smaller than the total voters in the Provisional Voters List (DPS), which was 873.360.

“The decrease is due to the fact that there are voters who passed away, not currently domiciled in Gorontalo, registered two times, or simply do not fulfill the requirement as electoral voters,” says a member of the West Sulawesi’s Election Commission, Mursalim, to Rumah Pemilu (12/19).

In addition, Mursalim also says that there are 14.332 eligible citizens who have not possess electronic-Resident Identification Card (e-KTP). Any eligible citizen who receive their e-KTP after the publication of the Voters List will be included in the List of Additional Voters.

“We will include anyone who just receive their e-KTP in the List of Additional Voters. So, residents please immediately go to the local administration office for your e-KTP,” says Mursalim.

Previously, the Election Monitoring Body (Bawaslu) issued a recommendation to postpone the publication of Voters List in West Sulawesi because Bawaslu found 440 potential voters without Resident Identity Number (NIK) and Family Card Number (NKK), 4.439 voters with identical name and NIK, and 1.772 voters with identical NIK but different name.