February 23, 2024

Aceh Institute Demands More Independence for KIP and Bawaslu

Aceh Institute demands more independence for Aceh’s Election Commission (KIP) and the Election Monitoring Body (Bawaslu) in the Elections Law. Other than demanding a transfer of authority in managing the election from the Aceh’s Parliament (DPRA) to KIP, Aceh Institute also demands the incorporation of Aceh’s Election Monitoring Body (Bawaslu) with Aceh’s Election Monitoring Committee (Panwaslih).

“We want to meet the chief of the special committee responsible for the making of the new Elections Law to discuss several ideas,” says the Executive Director of Aceh Institute, Fajran Zain (05/23).

Aceh Institute has conducted a research since October 2016. The result is a 31 pages recommendation paper which contains several policy recommendations for the government. The transfer of authority from DPRA to KIP and the incorporation of Bawaslu and Panwaslih are two of the recommendations.

The research coordinator, Mawardi Ismail, explains that so far the election commission in Aceh is lacking independence because the members of the commission are selected by the monopolizing DPRA. Aceh Institute wants the commissioners selection process could involve other parties such as the governor of Aceh.

“Let the executive administration form the committee for the selection process,” says Mawardi.

Mawardi also explains that Bawaslu and Panwaslih need to be incorporated to reduce the possibility of institutional rivalry. Often, Bawaslu (at provincial level) and Panwaslih (at regency/municipality level) disagreeing with one another on a certain issue that will render the election process being hindered.

“We suggest that both institution to be incorporated. This is necessary to prevent any institutional rivalry that often happen in Aceh’s election,” says Mawardi.