February 27, 2024

Are You Ready to Vote for the President and Vice President?

There are three pairs of presidential and vice-presidential candidates in the 2024 Presidential Election. Number 1, Anies Baswedan-Muhaimin Iskandar. Number 2, Prabowo Subianto-Gibran Rakabuming. Number 3, Ganjar Pranowo-Mahfud MD. When it comes to discussing which figure is deserving of leading the country, voters have different perspectives. Ultimately, it will depend on the voters themselves to determine and accept the consequences of their choices.

In Article 4, paragraph (1) of the 1945 Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia, it is formulated that the President of the Republic of Indonesia holds the governing power according to the 1945 Constitution. The formulation of this article emphasizes that the sole governing power is vested in the President, assisted by the second element, namely the Vice President.

The President and Vice President are supposed to be the two figures who will be the first and second faces of this republic, known as RI 1 and RI 2. Among 280 million people in Indonesia, there are 6 individuals ready to serve and lead in any situation that will arise over the next five years. Certainly, those elected must be the best pair among the others for the continuity of this nation.

What we choose will determine the fate of this giant nation, whether it will be impressive or embarrassing. It is not the time for us to say that we have no role, are not important, and our voice is not needed. In reality, the wrong direction set by society can be changed if we truly delve into how well we understand what is promised by the candidates for RI 1 and RI 2 in the 2024 Elections.

We have one vote that will impact how we prevent bad things from happening in this densely populated country, such as the occurrence of restrictions on freedom of speech, abuse of power, corruption, collusion, nepotism, wage suppression, brutality of authorities, economic crises, rule piracy, and widespread poverty. We determine whether there will be regrets about our choices in the next five years, wishing to go back to February 14, 2024, to change our decision.

Leaders can change the course of a nation, in some existing cases. A leader is not merely a formality whose picture is displayed in a room, but someone who will be discussed for what they do and support. A leader is the most powerful determinant of the behavior of a system, from a team, company, to a country. The primary determining factors of its essence are a series of goals that become the system’s objectives, its energy, structure, rules, and laws.”

Even with a replacement of all players under its leadership, the performance will not change as long as the goals remain the same. If you change the rules but still maintain the same objectives, the system may work more or less effectively, but it will still move in the same direction. If you maintain the same players, resources, rules, and physical reality but dedicate them to achieving different goals, then successful transformation is possible.

The President has authority over organizers, resources, regulations, but most importantly, they have the authority to determine the future goals of the country. Whether it benefits the public or causes harm, and whether it pretends to be blind after approving laws without public participation. Who knows? If we choose a president without careful consideration, impulsively, or following others, be prepared that not much will change in this country, and it may even regress further.

This country has the possibility of being delegated to those chosen for various reasons. It could be because of a desire to advance business, wanting to be close to a candidate, being captivated by the appearance of a candidate, having hope in the political promises of a candidate, the age or youthfulness of a candidate, agreements with friends, pity, the political humor of a candidate, or even due to partisan polling.

If we choose a president without a clear vision and the background of that vision, we will experience disorientation and confusion. A five-year term is not a short time. We need to choose a president with a strong vision, exceptional communication skills, stable emotions, and a willingness to utilize all strengths to achieve positive outcomes for our nation.

Currently, we see various political slogans in various events, on various media platforms, on various screens, undoubtedly catering to the eyes. Despite many campaigns attempting to sell absurd methods, unfair labels, and exaggerated images, believe that these are just some tricks in the contest where the presidential and vice-presidential candidates aim to secure the winning seats. Additionally, they also aim to boost their popularity.

In this article, I emphasize that we should not be drawn to presidential and vice-presidential candidates who do not articulate clear goals and only have a desire to win. The election of a president and vice-president is not just a competition for popularity or a partisan power struggle. It is a crucial decision regarding the goals of the nation.

Do you want someone who can maintain the same direction? Are you looking for someone who can set a new direction? Or perhaps someone who does not have a clear direction at all?

After examining and considering all the aspects mentioned above, it’s time to exercise your voting rights at the designated time. Try to make a wise decision based on a deep understanding of the presidential and vice-presidential candidates and the issues at hand. Be a part of this important engagement. [] 


Law Faculty Student at Andalas University

Translated by Catherine Natalia