July 18, 2024


Co-Founder/CEO at Cadiak Pandai Dot Com. Political Commentator.

Youth and Regeneration of Voters

Young voters in the 2024 election are estimated to be 60 percent of the total voters. If these voters participate by donating their votes on election day, it will have a good impact on the future of democracy because the …

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Democratization of the Public Sector

Early in 2016 the Asean Economic Community (AEC/MEA) has been implemented. This AEC implementation brings about Indonesian existence in Southeast Asia, especially in the political field. Although it is dynamic, this sector gives effects to other sectors. The dynamics of …

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West Sumatra and Regional Election

Provincial Election Commission (KPU Provinsi) of West Sumatra held a Focus Group Discussion (FGD) with KPU Selingkup West Sumatra, academics, political parties, community leaders and students on the evaluation of the Dec 9 2015 simultaneous regional elections (23-2 /2). West …

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Party Delegitimation and State-Capture

After Jakarta*s Governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama (read: Ahok) chose to run through independent pathways in the elections of Jakarta, 2017, issue of party delegitimation is again served to the public. Existence of political parties to carry their candidates as regional …

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