June 24, 2024

Candidates for Bawaslu Member Sign A Pact Not to Gather Political Support

Candidates for selection of the Election Monitoring Body (Bawaslu) members are provided with a pact by the Special Team for the Selection. The pact contains an agreement that should be signed by the candidates that they will not gather political support for the selection process.

“They should read and sign the pact. It is okay, though, if they do not want to sign it. However, if they agree, they should read the statement out loud so the public can know that the candidates are obliged to it,” says Saldi Isra, the Chief of the Special Team for the Selection at the Ministry of Home Affairs in Jakarta (01/18).

Saldi explains, the pact is used to test the integrity of the candidates. The statement on the pact should be read by the candidates out loud so it will become public and can be accounted for.

Until today, all candidates have signed the pact.

“I, the undersigned, hereby proclaim my vow not to gather any political support if I was selected by the President to be a candidate of Bawaslu member that will be assessed by the Parliament members,” say all the candidates who signed the pact.