February 27, 2024

In Depth

Together Monitoring the 2024 Elections

The 2024 Elections in Indonesia are confronted with various issues that have the potential to undermine the integrity of the elections. In an effort to maintain the integrity of the 2024 elections, various initiatives have emerged from civil society organizations …

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Election and Involvement of Environmental Crime Business

The high cost of politics in Indonesia is considered the main reason many politicians receive funding from environmentally damaging businesses. This funding is followed by agreements on political policies that benefit these environmentally damaging businesses. Yassar Aulia, a researcher from …

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Young Women in Politics, Just to Fulfill Quotas?

On the edge of Tunas Bangsa Park, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP), University of Indonesia (UI), right in front of Building F, Juwono Sudarsono Auditorium, Stevi sat on one of the green-roofed benches called “cubicles” by FISIP UI …

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Political Parties’ LADK Non-Transparent and Unaccountable

The initial campaign fund report submission (Laporan Awal Dana Kampanye or LADK) of political parties is considered non-transparent and unaccountable. This is based on the fact that many political parties have not completed all the forms and supporting data required …

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Disruption of Democracy in Election Year

The democratic process in Indonesia has come under serious scrutiny during the presidency of Joko Widodo (Jokowi). According to a report by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) in 2022, Indonesia’s democracy index is still considered flawed. This is due to …

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Unraveling the Ambiguity of Initial Campaign Fund Reports

The General Election Commission (Komisi Pemilihan Umum or KPU) has released the Initial Campaign Fund Report (Laporan Awal Dana Kampanye – LADK) for the presidential and vice-presidential candidate pairs through the Campaign and Campaign Fund Information System (Sistem Informasi Kampanye …

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