July 17, 2024


Fritz Edward Siregar: Bawaslu Issue New Regulations on Sentra Gakkumdu

On Tuesday, November 21st 2017, members of the Elections Monitoring Body (Bawaslu) pay a visit to the House of Representatives to consult the newly-issued Bawaslu’s Regulations (Perbawaslu) on the use of Integrated Center for Elections Law Enforcement (Sentra Gakkumdu) with …

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Titi Anggraini: Democracy Ambassador, It’s All About Work, Work, Work, for Democracy

The Executive Director for Elections and Democracy, Titi Anggraini, has just been appointed as one of Democracy Ambassadors to champion study on Global State of Democracy by International IDEA, a think-tank organization based in Stockholm, Sweden. Titi is appointed alongside …

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Khairul Fahmi: We Must Evaluate the Registration Procedure for Political Parties

The political party registration process receives evaluations from many elections experts and activists. On eof the experts who provide his evaluation is Khairul Fahmi, a researcher from the Center for Constitution Study (Pusako) of Andalas University. Here is the transcript …

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Junaidi, KIP of Aceh: We Have Accepted Proofs of Valid Registration of Four Political Parties

The Elections Commission (KPU) has closed the 1×24 hours of political party registration extension period on Tuesday (10/17). At 24:00 local time, the registration process was concurrently closed by all KPUs all over Indonesia, including the Independent Elections Commission (KIP) …

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Fadli Ramadhanil: Protocol for Sipol Should be Regulated in Detail

The Initial phase of the 2019 National Elections has practically begun when the Elections Commission (KPU) officially started the political party registration process on Tuesday (10/03). KPU will refer to the KPU Regulations No. 11/2007 on Registration, Verification, and Approval …

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Khoirunnisa Nur Agustyati: Three Crucial Issues in the New Elections Law Are Decided Based on Short-Term Interests

Members of the Parliament and the government finally agreed on the content of the new Elections Law Bill on predawn Friday (07/21) and they will immediately pass the Bill. Activists from the Association for Elections and Democracy (Perludem) argue that …

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