July 15, 2024

Chairperson of KPU of West Kalimantan Disagree with Mandatory Consultation Regulation

During an interview session in the selection process for new members of the Election Commission (KPU) in Jakarta (01/23), the current Chairperson of KPU of West Kalimantan, Umi Rifdiyawati, expresses her disagreement with the regulation which mandates KPU to conduct mandatory consultation with members of the Parliament whenever KPU proposes to impose new EMB’s Regulations. According to Umi, the consultation obligation is violating the independence of KPU in formulating its own regulations that are consistent with National Laws and Constitution.

One example of inconsistent regulation made by KPU because of Parliament intervention, according to Umi, is the regulation regarding the candidacy for local elections. In the Law No.10/2016, former criminal convict is prohibited to participate in local election as a candidate. However, in the KPU’s Regulations (PKPU) there is a regulation that allows former criminal convict to participate as candidate.

“There shouldn’t be any obligation for KPU to conduct consultation with the Parliament. Members of Parliament should just trust KPU to formulate their own regulations,” says Umi.

Umi then specifies two main agendas that she would like to implement if she was selected as a member of KPU, they are improving KPU’s human resource management and improving the implementation of electronic recapitulation technology or e-recapitulation. According to Umi, e-recapitulation as have been implemented by KPU in local regions should be used in open space so the process can be monitored by third-parties.

“So, on the voting day, KPU should immediately collect and upload the C1 Forms so the result of the recapitulation can be published quickly. The uploading process should also be able to be monitored by third-party observers,” Umi says. []