February 23, 2024

Constitutional Court Should Have the Highest Standard

The Chief Deputy of Corruption Prevention Department of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK), Pahala Nainggolan, gives recommendations for Constitutional Court (MK) to improve its performance. According to Pahala, MK should have the highest standard for their ethics, monitoring system on judges and for the decision and verdict that they impose.

“MK should have higher standard than any other institution in this country. All personnel working at MK should maintain high ethical standard. They also need to have detailed internal regulation and sanction for violation,” says Pahala, during a public discussion titled “Constitutional Court Hears You” in Jakarta (03/09).

According to Pahala, MK should be monitored by internal affairs because MK needs a team that already has familiar with internal condition and situation of MK itself so they can detect any infelicity early. However, currently MK’s internal affairs is located at the bottom of the organization structure that they cannot do anything of any significance.

“Therefore, MK need to improve their Internal Affairs,” says Pahala.

At KPK, Internal Affairs is placed in equal position with the secretary general. Therefore, internal affairs does not have to ask for any permission from KPK leaders to conduct monitoring activity. Pahala hopes MK is willing to emulate this example so that there will be no more corruption committed by MK judges in the future.