February 23, 2024

E-Voting According to KPU Commissioner, Hadar Nafis Gumay

When asked about when will the Election Commission (KPU) hold election using e-voting technology, a commissioner from KPU, Hadar Nafis Gumay, says that he and his colleagues in KPU have no exact idea. However, Hadar says that KPU is willing to use advance technology to support and improve the electoral process and transparency regarding election data.

“I have no idea when will Indonesia can implement e-voting technology for its election. We cannot implement it for 2018 Local Elections. And we also cannot implement it in 2019 National Elections because the system is complicated,” says Hadar.

Hadar says, the current hype for e-voting technology in Indonesia is caused by some people who claim that Indonesia is fully ready to implement e-voting. These people argue that Indonesia is ready because already implemented e-voting in more than five hundred village elections.

According to Hadar, the success of e-voting in village elections does not mean that Indonesia is ready to implement e-voting in larger elections. E-voting can only be implemented if it has been implemented nationally or in larger scope, that is one-third of the whole region of Indonesia for two election cycles.

“It is a mistake to conclude that we are ready based on five hundred village elections. At least, the e-voting should be successfully implemented in one-third of regions,” says Hadar.