February 23, 2024

The Government Does Not Need to Increase the Number of KPU Members

During a public discussion titled “Safeguarding Election with Integrity” in Jakarta (04/06), the Executive Director of Populi Center, Usep S. Ahyar, says that the government does not need to increase the number of Election Commission and the Election Monitoring Body (Bawaslu) member. According to Usep, the heaviest burden in organizing elections is on the shoulder of local KPU, not the national KPU. Therefore, Usep argues that it would be better for the government to increase the number of local KPU member at provincial and municipality level according to the size of the population of each local area.

“KPU can handle many things. The biggest problem lies in local areas instead. Therefore, the government need to strengthen local KPUs,” Usep says.

Agreeing with Usep, the Executive Director of the Association for Elections and Democracy (Perludem), Titi Anggraini, says that it would be better for the government to determine the role, functions, and authorities of central KPU and Bawaslu first before they increase the number of member in each EMB. If central KPU and Bawaslu only act as policy maker, then both institution will not need many member at all.