May 28, 2024
Aksi IWD 2024

Indonesian Women’s Alliance Urges to Uphold Democracy

The Indonesian Women’s Alliance accused President Joko Widodo’s government of destroying the democracy that has been operating in Indonesia. This was conveyed during an action commemorating International Women’s Day (IWD). The alliance demanded the enforcement of democracy and the supremacy of law that support the elimination of violence and the protection of women.

“During Joko Widodo’s 10-year regime, we know how extensive and massive development and investment avenues were carried out; this had a huge impact on female friends and vulnerable groups,” said Mahardhika Women’s Member Jihan Faatihah in the IWD Action with the theme “Indonesian Women Geruduk Istana, Adili Jokowi, Destroyer of Democracy,”  Jakarta (8/3).

According to Jihan, the decline of democracy is clearly illustrated in the 2024 election process through the non-neutrality of the president and his ministerial ranks as well as conflicts of interest in the Constitutional Court (MK). He also believes that President Jokowi is the main actor who perpetuates impunity for human rights criminals.

“Of course the resolution of cases of serious human rights violations will be further away if the human rights criminals we have been prosecuting are actually those who are at the State Palace. “Kamisan Action friends are bringing cases of human rights violations against the criminals themselves; that’s why we need to voice this at IWD,” he stressed.

In this action, the Alliance invites all parties to strengthen the legal framework and increase women’s political participation and representation. IWD 2024 is also a stepping stone for Indonesian women to consolidate further actions to encourage inclusive and participatory decision-making processes that have the perspective of women and marginalized groups.

The Alliance also demands that the government revoke regulations at the national and regional levels that harm women and other minority groups. As well as providing a legal umbrella for the protection of human rights defenders and the environment to avoid violent practices and criminalization. []