February 23, 2024

Integrity, Independence, and Election Technology Are Under Scrutiny

Integrity, independence, and election technology become three main focus during the interview process of the selection for the new Election Monitoring Body members. Members of the Special Team for the Selection relentlessly grill all the candidates with questions regarding their relationship with a certain political party, business company, and other family members. Members of the Special Team also ask about personal financial statement of the candidates.

For example, Valina S. Subekti, a member of the Special Team, asks a candidate named Sakka Pati regarding his affiliation with a mass organization that famous for its closeness with a major political party. Hamdi Muluk, another member of the Special Team, asks about Sakka’s facebook status update that allegedly supportive to a candidate in a local election in South Sulawesi.

“You once a member of a mass organization under the National Democrat Party. What is your role in the organization?” asks Valina S. Subekti during the interview (01/18).

Sakka answers that he was indeed the vice-chairman of the National Democrat, but the organization was still not a political party during his term as vice-chairman.

In addition, Valina also asks a candidate named Bagus Sarwono regarding his objection on the regulation that obliges Bawaslu to consult with members of the Parliament whenever the institution has to issue new regulation. “Have you express your objection to Bawaslu?” asks Valina.

Bagus admits that he has no opportunity to express his objection and Bawaslu still has not considered the objection that the mandatory consultation with Parliament might disrupt Bawaslu’s independence.