May 28, 2024
Konferensi pers “Hasil Pemantauan JagaSuara 2024: Kartu Merah untuk KPU?” di Menteng, Jakarta Pusat (2/4). MF

JagaSuara 2024 Finds Sirekap Counting Errors in 19 Thousand TPS

JagaSuara 2024 discovered an error in the presidential election counting at 19 thousand polling stations (TPS), which caused the votes of the presidential and vice presidential candidate pairs to not match C. Results. From these findings, 3,075 TPS have been repaired, while the remaining 16,095 TPS have not been repaired. The JagaSuara 2024 movement revealed that all candidate pairs experienced an increase in their numbers on the Recapitulation Information System (Sirekap).

“The numbers that have been corrected are quite extreme, while those that remain and have not been corrected have relatively few errors.” If we look at the distribution (errors), it is random; all candidate pairs experienced an increase,” explained the JagaSuara 2024 IT Team, Reza Lesmana, in the press conference “2024 JagaSuara Monitoring Results: Red Card for the KPU?” in Menteng, Central Jakarta (2/4).

Based on JagaSuara 2024 monitoring through the Sirekap data re-verification process, a vote difference of 324,536 was found for the Anies-Muhaimin candidate pair. It was found that 3,624 cases of sirekap data were higher than C.Results, making the vote difference higher by 493,276. Meanwhile, the Sirekap data was lower than the C results, with 4,272 cases and a smaller vote difference of 78,740.

Meanwhile, the Prabowo-Gibran candidate pair found an accumulated vote difference of 142,475 votes. JagaSuara 2024 monitoring results found that Sirekap’s data was higher than C.Results showed 3,948 cases, resulting in a vote difference of 472,155. Apart from that, it was also found that there were 6,806 cases of lower Sirekap data, with 329,680 vote differences.

The Ganjar-Mahfud candidate pair had 362,233 accumulated vote differences due to Sirekap’s error. From these findings, 3,460 cases of Sirekap data were higher than C. Results, with a vote difference of 394,990 votes. Meanwhile, Sirekap’s data was lower than C.Results, causing a vote difference of 32,757 out of 2,723 cases.

Reza explained that Sirekap problems occurred at every stage, starting from the entry process, data verification, and the data repair process. Reza assessed that the Sirekap process was very slow; the Sirekap data was only 78.8% filled when the 2024 election results were determined. According to him, this figure was much lower than Situng’s achievement in the 2019 election, which reached 92.2%.

“What we are highlighting is the data correction mechanism. The Voting Organizing Group (KPPS) officers were unable to correct certain pages, but the verification mechanism at the next stage did not work well,” said Reza.

JagaSuara 2024 considers Sirekap’s failure to be a violation of PKPU Number 25/2023 concerning Vote Voting and Counting and PKPU Number 5/2024 concerning Vote Recapitulation. This is considered detrimental to people’s rights and has the potential to harm state finances. JagaSuara 2024 urges an audit of the KPU’s financial management regarding the procurement of the Sirekap application. []