February 23, 2024

Jakarta Metro Police and EMBs Prohibit the Mobilization of Masses from Outside Jakarta During Election

The Jakarta Metro Police, the Elections Commission (KPU), and the Elections Monitoring Body (Bawaslu), issue a prohibition for anyone to mobilize masses from outside Jakarta during election to monitor the Polling Stations because such act may intimidate voters.

“We prohibit anyone to mobilize masses during the election day because such act may intimidate, both physically and psychologically, voters who would like to cast their vote peacefully,” as quoted from the prohibition letter released by the Police, KPU, Bawaslu (04/17).

Rest assure, the role of monitoring Polling Stations during election is already assumed constitutionally by Bawaslu.

“We will immediately request anyone outside the Jakarta area to return back home if they intended to independently monitor the Polling Stations during election.”