July 24, 2024

Junaidi, KIP of Aceh: We Have Accepted Proofs of Valid Registration of Four Political Parties

The Elections Commission (KPU) has closed the 1×24 hours of political party registration extension period on Tuesday (10/17). At 24:00 local time, the registration process was concurrently closed by all KPUs all over Indonesia, including the Independent Elections Commission (KIP) of Aceh.

On that same day, KPU also launched Political Party Information System (Sipol) for the first time. Based on informationn available on Sipol, there is only one local political party in Aceh that has been registered, that is Aceh Local Party (PDA). Meanwhile, the other six parties are not duely registered.

Rumah Pemilu reached out to KIP of Aceh for confirmation. Junaidi, a member of KIP, says there are actually four political party registrations that have been accepted by KIP, they are: Aceh Party, Naggroe Aceh Party, PDA, and SIRA Party. Meanwhile, the registration submitted by three other parties—Gram Party, Gabthat Party, and Aceh Islam Party—are rejected.

Why is there inconsistency in regards with the registration data? Here’s our interview with Junaidi, a member of KIP.

How many local party registration is accepted?

There are seven local parties in Aceh submitting forms and documents for registration. Since the beginning of the registration process, we have only given the proofs of valid registration to four political parties: Aceh Local Party, Nanggroe Aceh Party, Aceh Party, and SIRA Party.

Which party did not receive the proof of valid registration?

Aceh Islam Party, GRAM Party, and Gabthat Party.

Because of what, exactly?

Firtsly, they have less members than the required amount. Some of the parties also did not file all the required documents.

Does local party in Aceh only need to register to KIP, not to KPU at national level?

Yes. This is according to KPU official direction that local party in Aceh only need to register at KIP.

So there is no requirement for local party in Aceh to submit registration to KPU?

No. But it is mandatory for them to upload their documents and fulfill the registration form on Sipol.

Based on data in Sipol, there is only one local party in Aceh got accepted…

There is a problem with the Sipol. We have received the complete registration data, but it seems the Sipol servers are down. We are now inputting the data up to the servers.

So, currently, KIP is still uploading the data to Sipol?

Yes. We keep on uploading the registration data.

KPU has issued official Handbill No.585/PL.01.1-SD/03/KPU/X/2017 which states that the registration extension period is only until last night at 24:00 PM…

That’s why we were still handling parties’ registration process until last night…

And the uploading process is still not completed until last night?

We waited until the last minute of the registration period for political party to submit their data. So…

Is it the party or KIP that should input the data?

Until last night, political party is not allowed to upload any document.

So it is KIP’s duty to upload those documents?

Yes. Our staffs are currently uploading those documents. Officials from the Election Monitoring Body (Bawaslu) came to our office to oversee the process. They agree that it should not be continued.

Bawaslu officials suggested that KIP should not continue the uploading process?

No. The Bawaslu officials suggested that we should not accepted political parties that are late in submitting their registration form.

When this uploading process will be completed?

We give our best to complete this today.