July 18, 2024

Juri Ardiantoro: This Is Our Last Day in Office

On Monday, April 10th 2017, the Election Commission (KPU) publishes five books on the Performance of KPU Members for the Period of 2012-2017. The books contain report of performance and activities conducted by KPU for the last five years and collection of photos depicting the uniqueness of electoral process in various local areas in Indonesia. The Chairman of KPU, Juri Ardiantoro, hopes that the books will be useful for anyone who wants to study Indonesian elections and as a tool to facilitate the transfer of memory from the 2012-2017 members to the 2017-2022 members.

“Start with bismillah, we officially publish these five books on our performance for the last five years. With these books, we not only want to inform the public on what we have done for the last five years, but also want to share experience and knowledge to as many people as possible, especially to our successors,” says Juri at KPU Office in Jakarta.

During the lauching event, Juri speaks on behalf of the other six members/commissioners. He also says thank you and farewell to civil society organizations, political parties, and journalists who have been a good partners to KPU during the 2012-2017 period. Juri says he and his colleagues feel proud of their achievements and success in maintaining the independence of KPU during their term of office.