June 13, 2024

KPU Asks Citizens to Immediately Register for e-KTP before Finalization of DPT

The Election Commission (KPU) asks all citizens to immediately register themselves for electronic-Resident Identification Card (e-KTP) before the finalization of Voters List (DPT). After finalization, any unregistered voter will have to administer a certification letter at the Civil Registry Office if he/she want to vote in the upcoming election.

“Any citizen who has been registered in the AC-KWK form needs to register for e-KTP no later than December. Otherwise, the will have to administer a certification letter at the Civil Registry Office. They don’t have to receive the e-KTP first if they want to vote on the polling day. What matters is that they have already been registered for the e-KTP,” says the Chairman of KPU of South Jakarta, Muhammad Iqbal, during a plenary meeting of KPU in South Jakarta (11/01).

AC KWK form is a special form that contains the data regarding potential voters who haven’t register for and haven’t receive their e-KTP. The form is distributed by Neighborhood Administration (RT) and Hamlet Administration (RW).

“We will immediately send the form to the municipality offices. The municipality will then distribute the form to RT and RW,” says Iqbal.

Today, KPUs in 101 electoral areas that will organize local elections on February 15 2017 will hold a meeting to finalize the Temporary Voters List (DPS). The DPS will the be updated until December 2016 before being finalized into DPT.