July 24, 2024

KPU Asks for A Law that Guarantees Institutional Enhancement

The Election Commission (KPU) asks the government to include a law that guarantees election institutional enhancement in the new Election Law Bill. One of the ways to enhance KPU’s institution is by promoting commissioners of KPU to be state officials and by revoking the mandatory consultation process with the Parliament whenever KPU wants to establish new regulation.

“KPU need to be enhanced. We need to be an independent state institution,” says a KPU commissioner, Hadar Nafis Gumay, during a public event “Civil Society Consolidation to Guard the Election Law Bill” in Jakarta (12/22).

In addition, the Government may need to impose new institutional task to KPU, such as providing political education for the public, managing electoral documents and archives, and updating data on voters.

“Such tasks are important so that we will not be burdened by short-term tasks,” says Hadar.

During a discussion meeting with the Parliament (12/07), a politician from Golkar Party agree to promote KPU commissioners as state officials. However, the same politician demands to maintain the obligation for KPU to consult the Parliament whenever they want to establish new regulations.