May 28, 2024

KPU Chairman Reported to DKPP Regarding Alleged Immoral Actions

The Chairman of the General Election Commission (KPU), Hasyim Asy’ari, was reported to the General Election Honorary Council (DKPP) on suspicion of committing immoral acts against a female member of the Overseas Election Committee (PPLN), which resulted in the victim resigning before the 2024 election. Assistance Consultation Institute Law Faculty of Law, University of Indonesia (LKBH FHUI), and LBH APIK are demanding the permanent dismissal of Hasyim Asy’ari as chairman of the KPU because he has committed similar violations repeatedly.

“So that there is a deterrent effect, prevent the recurrence of similar violations, and prevent victims from falling again in the future,” wrote LKBH FHUI and LBH APIK as the victims’ attorneys in a press release (18/4).

LKBH FHUI assessed that Hasyim’s actions were considered to have damaged the integrity and professionalism of election organizers, as regulated in DKPP Regulation Number 2 of 2017 concerning the Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct for General Election Organizers. Previously, DKPP had imposed ethical sanctions on Hasyim for having a personal relationship with Hasnaeni (the golden woman), who served as General Chair of the Republic One Party. Through Decision No. 35-PKE-DKPP/II/2023 and No. 39-PKE-DKPP/II/2023 dated April 3, 2023, Hasyim received a final stern warning. Because violations are committed repeatedly by taking advantage of power relations, according to LKBH FHUI, strict sanctions of dismissal need to be given as a lesson as well as punishment.

“It is important for us to state that the aim of this complaint is solely to fight for the dignity and dignity of women, maintain the credibility of the KPU as a state institution that safeguards Indonesian democracy, and encourage the realization of honest, fair elections without gender-based violence,” he wrote.

The victim’s attorney explained that from August 2023 to March 2024, Hasyim was suspected of committing ethical violations by approaching, seducing, and even committing immoral acts towards PPLN members, even though they were legally married. LKBH FHUI said that Hasyim abused his position and authority by using various official facilities, resulting in a power relationship with the victim.

“Apart from that, the KPU chairman also made promises and carried out various manipulations of information to seduce our client to fulfill his personal desires,” explained the victim’s attorney in a press release. []