July 18, 2024

KPU Commissioner: Election Schedule for 2017 is Already Full

A commissioner of the Election Commission (KPU), Arief Budiman, says that in 2017 KPU is facing a tight schedule. One of the activity that should be completed is the 2017 Concurrent Local Elections which will end in May. The earlier phase of the 2018 Concurrent Local Elections will begin in September. Meanwhile, the earlier phase of the 2019 National Legislative and Presidential Elections will begin in October.

In October, our schedule will be very tight. We will conduct three agendas at the same time: 2018 Local Elections and 2019 National Legisltive and Presidential Elections,” says Arief during press conference on system information for political parties in Jakarta (03/17).

Arief then says that the newly-selected members of KPU for period of 2017-2022 have some duties that should be completed in less than seven months. For example, they will have to formulate new KPU Regulations in accordance with the new Elections Law. They will also have to conduct election dissemination to the public, train KPU members in regional areas, and preparing the election budget.

“The budget for the 2019 national election is still discussed. We hope the budget can be completed soon,” says Arief.

Arief and other KPU commissioners like Juri Ardiantoro, Hadar Nafis Gumay, Ida Budhiarti, and Ferry Kurnia Rizkiansyah, hope that members of Commission II of the Parliament can immediately conduct the fit and proper test on the new KPU members candidate so the new members can immediately working on their duties.