February 22, 2024

KPU Members: We Want to Make History

The Election Commission (KPU) just launched five books on their performance during the 2012-2017 term of office. One book contains collection of photos, another book contains report on the Presidential and Legislative Election of 2014, and the other books contains report on Local Elections 2015, Local Elections 2017, and innovations of elections.

“These books are our answer to our responsibility to the public. We have already given these books to President and members of the Parliament. Any people now can study the improvement of elections in Indonesia from these books,” says the Chairman of KPU, Juri Ardiantoro, in Jakarta (04/10).

A member of KPU, Sigit Pamungkas, says that KPU has already published no less than sixty books on election during the 2012-2017 period. In March 2017, KPU published three books on election management abroad, and the relationship between Indonesian KPU and other election commissions in other countries.

“Every year KPU publishes ten to eleven books. This means KPU publishes a book every month. We become very productive since we have Mr. Hadar (Hadar Nafis Gumay) in our membership. We want to make history,” says Sigit.