July 17, 2024

KPU Officially Inaugurates Operation Room

On the last day of their term of office, the members of the Election Commission (KPU) for the 2012-2017 period officially inaugurate operation room. Operation room is a monitoring room equipped with 34 monitoring screens so that election officers at KPU can easily monitor the election process in 34 provinces in Indonesia.

“Today we officially inaugurate a new room for monitoring the whole election process in Indonesia. With the operation room, we can communicate easily and instantly with our colleagues in local areas,” says the Chairman of KPU, Juri Ardiantoro, during the launching event of “Books on the Report of Performance of KPU 2012-2017” in Jakarta (04/10).

Juri also says that the operation room is one of the most brilliant achievement of KPU. The establishment of the operation room has always been KPU’s agenda since the very beginning. But only today KPU is able to realize that agenda.

“The operation room is also a proof of our commitment to transparency. This is our legacy to our successors,” says Juri.