February 26, 2024

KPU: Political Party Should Submit Their Financial Statement Before Election

The recommendation from the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) and the Parliament to increase financial subsidy to political party has received positive response from the Election Commission (KPU). However, KPU asserts that the subsidy should be accompanied with a regulation to oblige political party which receive the subsidy to submit their financial statement before the election.

“If the regulation is properly enforced, KPU will receive great benefit as an election management body (EMB),” says Ida Budhiati, a member of KPU, during a meeting in Jakarta (11/21).

Ida also says the increase in political subsidy will make political party to be more responsible about their financial activity.

“Indirectly, political subsidy, with proper regulation, will improve the performance of the political party itslef,” says Ida.

KPK recommends that the Government should provide financial subsidy to cover at least 50 percent of the total political party needs, with the increment added in installment in ten years time.