May 29, 2024

KPU of West Sulawesi Delays Finalization of DPT Due to Concern Over Fake Voters

The Election Commission (KPU) of West Sulawesi delays the finalization of the Voters List in the area. The KPU decided to delay the finalization after receiving recommendation from the Election Monitoring Body (Bawaslu).

“There are cases in several voting locations where 30 registered voters do not actually have civil registration number (NIK) and Family Card Registration Number (NKK). Bawaslu worries that there are similar cases in other voting locations,” says a member of West Sulawesi KPU, Mursalim, to Rumah Pemilu (12/09).

Mursalim says, KPU of West Sulawesi will finalize Voters List on December 16th 2016. The Committee for Voters Data Update (PPDP) is currently verifying and matching the data of voters who do not have NIK and NKK.

“The previous verification process shows that the voters do really have NIK and NKK, but we conduct re-verification just to be sure,” says Mursalim.

On December 8th 2016, the KPU of Jakarta, Bangka Belitung, Aceh, and Banten have already finalized their Voters List. It is expected that the delay of finalization in West Sulawesi will not hamper the whole electoral process.