May 28, 2024

Members of KPU at Regency/Municipality Level Receive Sanctions the Most from DKPP

Members of the Elections Commission (KPU) at regency/municipality level receive the most sanctions from the Election Management Bodies Ethical Council (DKPP). That is the bottomline of the analysis study conducted by the Center for Political Studies (Puskapol) of University of Indonesia based on verdicts issued by DKPP during the period of 2012-2017.

“Majority of sanction receivers are from KPU at regency/municipality level,” says Adity Perdana, the Executive Director of Puskapol, during a public seminar “Encouraging the Ethics of Independence of the EMBs: A Reflection on the Role of DKPP in 2012-2017” in Depok (05/19).

There are 238 sanctions imposed on members of KPU of regency/municipality. On the other hand, there is only one santion imposed on a member of the National KPU; nine sanctions on KPU of province; 28 santions on members of Sub-District Elections Comittee (PKK); nine sanctions on members of Voting Committee (PPS); one sanction on member of Polling Station Committee (KPPS); three sanctions on members of the Election Monitoring Body (Bawaslu) of province; 71 sanctions on members of Bawaslu of regency/municipality; and 19 sanctions on members of Bawaslu of sub-district.

Aditya also says that members of KPU at regency/municipality level have the most frequent communication with candidates and/or political parties. This might be the reason why they often violate ethical rules.

Valina Singka Subekti, a member of DKPP, suggests that KPU should improve their recruitment and training procedure.