May 28, 2024

MK Rejects Ganjar-Mahfud Presidential Election Dispute Lawsuit

The Constitutional Court (MK) rejected the Presidential Election Results Dispute (PHPU Pilpres) application submitted by presidential and vice presidential candidate number 3, Ganjar Pranowo-Mahfud, MD. The content of the consideration of the decision in case number 2/PHPU.PRES-XXII/2024 is considered to have many similarities with the consideration of the decision in the Anies-Muhaimin (AMIN) lawsuit, which was previously rejected by the MK.

“In the exception, reject the exception of the respondent and related parties in its entirety. “In the main petition, reject the petitioner’s petition in its entirety,” said Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court Suhartoyo when reading the verdict at the Constitutional Court Building, Central Jakarta (22/4).

In their lawsuit, the Ganjar-Mahfud couple asked that Prabowo-Gibran be disqualified and a re-vote (PSU) be held. They also argued that there were structured, systematic, and massive (TSM) violations through the mobilization of state resources to boost Prabowo-Gibran’s votes. The Anies-Muhaimin pair also proposed the same thing, but AMIN included an alternative petitum in the form of disqualification only for Gibranhrough because he was deemed not to have met the administrative requirements for presidential candidate registration.

Suhartoyo said that most of the contents of the Constitutional Court’s decision regarding the 2024 presidential election dispute were the same as the Anies-Muhaimin lawsuit, including the judge’s dissenting opinion. The three constitutional judges who expressed different opinions were Saldi Isra, Enny Nurbaningsih, and Arief Hidayat.

“Regarding the decision of the a quo Constitutional Court, there are different opinions (dissenting opinions) from three constitutional judges,” said Chief Justice Suhartoyo.

Apart from that, in the process of handling the 2024 PHPU Presidential Election, the Constitutional Court has received dozens of amicus curiae, or friends of the court, submitted by various parties. It was recorded that there were 52 amicus curiae filed as of Saturday (20/4); this number is the highest in the history of the Constitutional Court handling PHPU cases. However, only 14 of them were investigated by the judge, namely the amicus curiae, which was submitted with a deadline of April 16, 2024.

Due to the rejection of the petition in the PHPU presidential election lawsuit filed by candidate pair 01 and candidate pair 02 at the Constitutional Court, the General Election Commission (KPU) will appoint the Prabowo Subianto-Gibran Rakabuming Raka pair as the elected presidential-vice presidential candidate pair for 2024-2029 at the KPU Office, Jakarta, on Wednesday, April 24, 2024. []