May 19, 2024

The New Election Law Bill Should Clarify DPD Position

The position of the Lower House of Parliament (DPD) should be clarify in the new Election Law Bill. DPD should have possess clearer mandate regarding how they should do their job because DPD is responsible to propose bills regarding local area autonomy and the relationship between local and central parliament (DPR).

“DPD should have clearer mandate. DPD seems powerless so far. The new Election Law Bill should clarify this,” says the Chairman of Indonesian Rector Forum, Suyatno, in Jakarta (11/22).

The Chief of Committee I of DPD, Akhmad Muqowam, says he and many of his colleagues are also expecting that the position of DPD will be getting clearer in the new Bill so they can work more effectively and efficiently.

“For example, we cannot issue any local regulation (Perda). Local regulations should have been our responsibility,” says Akhmad.

In addition, Akhmad also asks government to add the total member of DPD. According to Akhmad, the current number, which is four members for every district, is not enough.

“According to the regulation, the total member of DPD should be one-third of the total member of the National Parliament. This means we still can add more members for DPD,” Akhmad says.