May 21, 2024

Only One Independent Candidate Win in Aceh’s Local Election

According to the data released by, there are 33 independent candidates participating in 2017 Concurrent Local Elections. There are 3 independent candidates in Aceh’s Local Election, 4 independent candidates in local election at municipality level, and 26 independent candidates in local election at regent level.

Out of those 33 independent candidates, only one independent candidate win the election, that is Roni Ahmad and his vice candidate Fadhlullah T.M. Daud in Pidie, Aceh Province. In the election, Roni was competing against incumbent candidate Sarjani Abdullah who was supported by the Aceh Party (PA). Roni, like Sarjani, is an influential figure within the Aceh Transition Committee (KPA).

Most of the election winners in Aceh region are supported by PA. PA’s candidates won in eight electoral areas: Langsa, Lhokseumawe, Sabang, Nagan Raya, Gayo Lues, North Aceh, West Aceh, and East Aceh.

In East Aceh, the candidate from PA, Hasballah, won with a very slim margin against independent candidate Ridwan Abubakar, with votes margin 2,52 percent. Hasballah won over 51,26 percent of total votes, while Ridwan Abubakar only receive 48,74 percent.

In North Aceh, there are two participating independent candidates. One of them, Fakhrurrazi, lost with only a slim margin to candidate from PA, Muhammad Thaib. Fakhrurrazi got 41,12 percent of the votes while Muhammad Thaib got 47,31 percent.

During the election, PA never form coalition with other political parties. This is different with Aceh Peaceful Party (PDA) which often form coalition with Aceh National Party (PNA). In three electoral areas, North Aceh, West Aceh, and East Aceh, candidates from PA won without any coalition with other parties.

On the other hand, in Central Aceh and Aceh Tamiang, the winning candidates are supported by national political parties without forming a coalition with local parties. In Central Aceh, candidate Shabela, who is supported by Indonesia Democracy Party-Struggle (PDI-P) and National Mandate Party (PAN), defeated five other candidates by receiving 30,35 percent of the votes.

In Aceh Tamiang, candidate Mursil who is supported by Justice and Prosperity Party (PKS), People’s Conscience Party (Hanura), Unity and Development Party (PPP), Democrat Party, and PDI-P, won over other four candidates by receiving 32,57 percent of the votes.