July 17, 2024

Pramono Ubaid: Article 195 Paragraph (2) of Law 7/2017 is A Regression for Indonesian Elections

A member of the Elections Commission (KPU), Pramono Ubaid, says that the limited mandates and authorities provided by the government for KPU in the Elections Law have limited KPU’s options to perform their duties. For example, Article 195 paragraph (2) of the Law 7/2017 only allows KPU to delimit electoral areas at regency/municipality level. In 2014, however, KPU had the authority to delimit new electoral area at provincial level.

“Our hands are tied. The provisions contained in Law 7/2017 are clearly a regression in our election legal framework,” writes Pramono on his personal Facebook page.

Furthermore, KPU commissioners are also obligated to consult with parliament members whenever they want to delimit a new electoral area.

“It is admittedly true that the judges at Constitutional Court have repealed the regulation that required us to consult with parliament members. However, parliament members are now stating that the repeal is only in effect for the Law on Local Elections, and they say they still have the authority to require an explanation from us in regards with our professional decision in the context of national elections,” says Pramono.

Pramono says, he hopes the delimitation process and parliamentary seats allocation at regency/municipality level will be completed immediately and do not violate any due regulations as specified in Article 185.