February 23, 2024

Selection Process by Selection Committee Is More Accountable Than Fit and Proper Test

Many election experts think the selection process conducted by a special Selection Committee (Pansel) is more accountable than the fit and proper test conducted by the members of Commission II of the Parliament. The selection process by Pansel follows a clear and strict procedure that we can access and criticize.

“We highly appreciate the work of the Pansel. They have conducted many measurable test on candidates’ health, technical knowledge, and moral integrity,” says the Coordinator of the Political Corruption Division in the Indonesia Corruption Watch (ICW), Donal Fariz, during the public discussion titled “Safeguarding Elections with Integrity” in Jakarta (04/06).

In addition, Donal also pays a compliment on Pansel’s effort to include public participation in the selection process. For example, members of the Pansel gladly accepted reports and track records on the candidates submitted by civil societies. They also let any person interested in the selection process to come and see directly the selection process at the office of the Ministry of Home Affairs.