February 23, 2024

Sigit Pamungkas: KPU Needs A Special IT Team for the 2019 National Elections

In the public discussion titled “Evaluation on the Jakarta Local Election of 2017, the Director of the Center for Political Studies (Puskapol) of University of Indonesia, Aditya Perdana, says that there has been a change of trend in campaigning in the 2017 Local Elections. Many candidates started to focus on online or internet campaigning instead of the more conventional face-to-face campaigning.

“Our social media are filled with political campaigning and slurs. This is a notable change in campaigning trend. Not only for the Jakarta Local Elections, but for the upcoming 2019 National Elections,” says Aditya.

A commissioner of Elections Commission, Sigit Pamungkas, agrees with Aditya. Sigit says, in order to make preparation for 2019 National Elections, Elections Commission should have their own IT team.

“In order to rival the IT team of candidates, the Elections Commission need to for their own IT team,” says Sigit.

The IT team may consist of creative department, campaign department, and social analysis department. The IT team’s duty will be to disseminate information regarding the electoral process to voters.

“Therefore, members of the IT team should understand the demography of voters so they can disseminate information according to the type of voters being targeted,” says Sigit.