July 15, 2024

The Candidates Have No Concrete Policy Proposals Yet

The campaign from the three presidential-vice presidential candidate pairs is still dominated by a pattern of responding to issues, gimmicks, and is not accompanied by concrete policy proposals. As much as 47.3% of the campaign materials monitored from online news sources between November 28 and December 11, 2023, are not based on the vision and mission of the presidential-vice presidential candidates.

“Out of the numerous issues and programs presented, only 20% offer concrete policy proposals. The remaining 80% merely make promises, describe problems, express sympathy, and lack specific policy reviews,” said Aqidatul Izza Zain, a researcher from the Election and Democracy Syndication (SPD), during the discussion titled “Membongkar 15 Hari Kampanye: Adu Gagasan atau Lucu-lucuan?”[Unveiling 15 Days of Campaign: Clash of Ideas or Jokes?” in Cikini, Central Jakarta (12/13).

Based on SPD’s monitoring across five online media outlets, 54.5% of the campaign materials presented by presidential-vice presidential candidates are program-based, 29.1% are issue-responsive campaigns, and 16.4% are gimmick-based campaigns. SPD also summarized the issues frequently campaigned by the presidential-vice presidential candidates on social media, including issues such as stunting, taxes, Home Ownership Loan (KPR), teacher welfare, online loans, food estate, village funds, National Capital of Nusantara (IKN), equitable development, Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), education, youth, and corruption.

“Campaigns with concrete policy proposals, the percentage for all presidential-vice presidential pairs is not more than 30%, with more leaning towards non-concrete proposals,” she added.

During the two weeks of the campaign period, the Anies-Muhaimin pair conducted campaigns based on gimmicks at 10.0%, issue-responsive campaigns at 25.0%, and program-based campaigns at 65.0%. Meanwhile, Prabowo-Gibran engaged in gimmick-based campaigns at 31.6%, responded to issues at 36.8%, and allocated 31.6% for programs. As for the Ganjar-Mahfud pair, their campaign had a basis of 6.3% in gimmicks, 25.0% in issue-responsive campaigns, and 68.8% in program-based campaigns.

“Unfortunately, all three candidate pairs are not yet aware of youth issues, even though youth issues are not only about employment but also include environmental and mental health concerns,” said Izza.

Director of Warga Muda, Bilal Sukarno, believes that what is being conveyed by the three presidential-vice presidential candidate pairs is not reflective of what is happening on the ground. The presidential-vice presidential candidates campaign extensively on environmental issues, but their banners are scattered throughout the city and nailed to trees. According to him, the 2024 Elections should be future-oriented and start addressing youth issues.

“The three pairs are not concerned about the mental well-being of youth; in fact, the campaign period is even damaging the mental health of the youth,” said Bilal. []


Translated by Catherine Natalia