July 18, 2024

The Elections Law Bill has Been Passed, It’s Called Law No.7/2017

The Chairman of the Elections Commission (KPU), Arief Budiman, says that members of the Parliament have passed the Bill for the new Elections Law on July 21st 2017 and the Minister of Law and Human Rights has authorized it as well. The new Law is numbered as Law No.7/2017.

“We have received the news that members of the Parliament have passed the Bill. However, we haven’t received the copy of the decree yet,” says Arief during a press conference (08/19).

Arief hopes the government will immediately give him the copy of the new Law so he and his team can study it thoroughly. Arief also hopes that the final version of the Law is not containing many alteration from the previous draft so that KPU commissioners do not have to alter the draft of KPU Regulations as well.

“I hope we will receive the copy by Monday. I’m hoping there is not much of alteration in the new Law from the previous draft,” says Arief.