July 15, 2024

The Limited Open-List Proportional System Does Not Meet Expectations

The election system as contained in the new Election Law Bill submitted by President and members of the Parliament does not meet the expectations. Many stakeholders think the election system is more similar to the closed-list proportional system. In it, voters will have to vote for political party in ballot (not individual candidate), even though the lists of candidates are presented on the ballot. Seats allocation is also based on individual candidacy number.

“It’s very similar to closed-list system. It sounds like a variant of open-list system only because they provide lists of candidates on the ballot. In substance, the system is basically a closed-list system,” says the National Coordinator of the Network of Voters Education for the People (JPPR), Masykurudin Hafidz (10/24).

In addition, Masykur says the limited open-list system as contained in the Bill will not resolve the problem of clientelism. Election Law should strengthen the enforcement of the law and proper candidacy procedure.

“We expect the Election Bill to maintain the open-list proportional system based on majority vote, to prepare strong law enforcement mechanism, and to regulate the candidacy process. All of these are necessary to implement high-quality elections,” Masykur says.

The provisions on the limited open-list system are contained in Article 138 paragraph (2) and (3) of the Election Law Bill. The Article stated that the legislative elections are held with limited open-list proportional system.