February 23, 2024

The Regulation Regarding “PKI-Related” Is Irrelevant

In the new Election Law Bill submitted by President and members of the Parliament, there is a regulation that prohibits any presidential candidate that has link or relation in the past with the Communist Party of Indonesia (PKI).

The regulation is deemed as inconstitutional by the Executive Director of the Association for Elections and Democracy (Perludem), Titi Anggraini. This is because the Constitutional Court (MK) has revoke the regulation which prohibits any citizen who has link or relation with PKI because the regulation violate the rights of the citizen to participate in politics.

“MK has made a decision that such prohibition is unconstitutional. Therefore, the Election Law should not contain that kind of regulation,” says Titi.

In addition, the regulation will hamper the ongoing reconciliation process as a national commitment to establish a more just and democratic society in Indonesia. “A democratic country will never ban or prohibit a certain political beliefs,” Titi says.

Other requirements for presidential candidate as set out in the new Election Law Bill are: the candidate shall never register for other citizenship outside Indonesia on his/her own will, the candidate shall never commit corruption, and the candidate shall be at least 35 (thirty five) year old.