May 28, 2024

Three Things That Still Need to Be Improved for the Jakarta’s Local Election Second Round

Problems in the voting process during the first round of Jakarta’s Local Election should never be repeated in the second round. Many people demand The Election Commission (KPU) of Jakarta to evaluate and improve three aspects of its performance: preparation of Voters’ List, election logistics, and the discrepancy between decision making and implementation.

“KPU of Jakarta needs to improve those three aspects,” says Titi Anggraini, the Executive Director of the Association for Elections and Democracy (Perludem) (02/16).

First, KPU of Jakarta need to guarantee the quality of Voters’ List and consolidate it for the second round of election. Any unregistered voter who come to the polling station with electronic-Residents Identification Card (e-KTP) or recommendation letter from the Residents and Civil Registry Office (Disdukcapil) should be able to vote even though he/she is not in the list.

Secondly, KPU of Jakarta need to guarantee the logistics distribution. There should never be any voter who is unable to vote because the election officials run out of ballot papers.

Thirdly, KPU need to maintain a consistent procedure to vote and counting vote throughout the electoral process. For example, any voter that registered in the Additional Voters’ List is allowed to vote with any remaining ballot paper at polling station. However, during voting day, KPU only prepare 2.5 percent of total ballots for registered voters to be given out to additional voters.

“all of these problems show that there is a discrepancy between regulation and implementation. This needs to be resolved,” says Titi.