July 18, 2024

Together Monitoring the 2024 Elections

The 2024 Elections in Indonesia are confronted with various issues that have the potential to undermine the integrity of the elections. In an effort to maintain the integrity of the 2024 elections, various initiatives have emerged from civil society organizations in the form of platforms and election monitoring applications that can be utilized by the public, including channels such as kecuranganpemilu.comrekamjejak.net, and the JagaSuara2024 application. These efforts are undertaken to ensure a clean and democratic electoral process.

“The presence of electoral monitoring initiatives is actually aimed at ensuring that elections proceed democratically and with integrity. Because the electoral process serves as one of the indicators of the health of democracy,” said Heroik Pratama, a researcher from the Association for Elections and Democracy (Perkumpulan untuk Pemilu dan Demokrasi or Perludem), during a discussion titled “Maintaining the Integrity of the 2024 Elections through Electoral Monitoring Initiatives by Civil Society Organizations” in Cikini, Jakarta on January 28.

Through the efforts of various election monitoring initiatives, it enables more effective oversight of the process of the 2024 Elections, especially since the gathered information will be made publicly available and accessible to the public. These initiatives are undertaken in light of the 2019 Elections numerous frauds and violations occurred during the election process.


RekamJejak.net is a digital platform developed by Indonesia Corruption Watch (ICW) to provide information about the track record of public officials and candidates of public officials. Through this channel, voters can access information about the track record of public figures who will participate in the upcoming general elections, including legislative members and presidential as well as vice-presidential candidates in 2024.

“The curriculum vitae of legislative candidates on the General Election Commission (KPU) website has not been fully displayed, even though this information is crucial for the public to know. However, it is not yet supported by sufficient information provided by the election organizers,” explained Seira Tamara, a researcher from the Political Corruption Division of Indonesia Corruption Watch (ICW), regarding the Rekam Jejak platform.”

Seira explained that to obtain information about a specific legislative candidate on Rekam Jejak, voters can enter the candidate’s name in the search column, and their profile will then appear and can be opened. Subsequently, voters can examine the available information, including a brief profile, work and political history, family and business affiliations, attitudes and statements related to the formation of problematic regulations, compliance with reporting wealth, and other relevant information.

“So, not all members of the Indonesian House of Representatives (DPR RI) are displayed, but there are some filters. We will use this channel to provide information about the candidacy of other public officials,” she said.

Additionally, the Rekam Jejak channel can also be utilized for monitoring campaign funds, estimating expenditures in the field. Monitoring and reporting campaign funds include the placement of campaign props, campaign headquarters, the distribution of materials or gifts, and the organization of activities.

“In the Rekam Jejak platform, if you click on Ayo Ikut Pantau Penggunaan Dana Kampanye [Let’s Monitor Campaign Fund Usage], there will be a reporting form and supporting photos. All the data received will be used for our research, to report whether the campaign funds are being used genuinely or not,” she explained.


Peta Kecurangan Pemilu [The Election Fraud Map] serves as a collective platform for the community to monitor the implementation of the 2024 elections to ensure that they proceed democratically. The platform is based on the awareness that the conduct of elections is not immune to fraud committed by various parties. Through this website, the public can report, collect, and demonstrate fraud that occurs in a structured, systematic, and massive (TSM) manner.”

“Everything related to fraud will be presented in the form of a map. This is related to the experience in 2019 that necessitated structured, systematic, and massive evidence (TSM). Because all the figures of fraud can be easily seen, it will be straightforward to establish evidence and will be useful in court proceedings at the Constitutional Court (MK),” explained Feri Amsari, a senior researcher at the Constitutional Studies Center (PUSaKO) of Andalas University, regarding Peta Kecurangan Pemilu.

According to Feri, the numerous allegations of potential fraud in the appointment of acting regional heads (Pj), the issue of the neutrality of State Civil Apparatus (ASN), and fraud committed by various parties in the community require collective monitoring of elections to prevent fraud. Therefore, he invites all elements of society to collect and demonstrate instances of fraud to the public at large.

The public can report election fraud on kawalkecuranganpemilu.com after registering by providing personal information. Once registered, there will be a fraud reporting column that needs to be filled out, including the area of fraud, type of fraud, chronology, and evidence. After the report is completed, it will appear in the form of a fraud map that can be viewed by the public.

JagaSuara2024 Application

JagaSuara2024 is an election monitoring application, particularly focused on vote counting, by capturing and reading the vote calculation forms (Form C.Hasil/Form C Result) at the Polling Stations (Tempat Pemungutan Suara or TPS). Through this application, the public can monitor the election process by collecting data on the results of the 2024 Elections.

The Director of the Network for Democracy and Electoral Integrity (Netgrit), Hadar Nafis Gumay explained that the Jaga Suara 2024 application relies on community participation, as the platform utilizes the collection of public data. The application works by simply capturing the results of the vote tally at each TPS. After users take a photo of the Form C.Hasil, the application will detect and extract text from the image using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. If the photo is correct and not mistaken, the results will be immediately sent to the central management, and then the results will be visible to the public.

“We hope the public will spread awareness about this to monitor the elections. If this monitoring effort is widespread, it will help reduce fraud in the elections. There will be volunteer observers to assist in verifying the data,” said Hadar.

The Secretary-General of the Indonesian Women’s Coalition (Koalisi Perempuan Indonesia or KPI), Mike Verawati Tangka welcomes the monitoring and oversight efforts in elections, especially considering that reports made to election organizers often go unanswered. According to Mike, these efforts can serve as a form of control when election organizers are negligent or fail to work professionally.

“So, it is crucial to monitor it. The women’s coalition has a grassroots network that will oversee the election process. We will assist through our network in scrutinizing the counting process until the voting is complete. Hopefully, it becomes a collective collaboration to safeguard and strengthen our elections,” said Mike. []


Translated by Catherine Natalia