February 23, 2024

Transparency as a Gateway to Party Improvement

Financial transparency serves as the gateway to political party improvement. This is urgent and non-negotiable. Parties wield the power to appoint public officials in many state institutions. Without improvement, especially in financial aspects, parties are co-opted by capital power-holders.

“In addition to being a source of disorder, parties are also a source of power. We must invest in institutions that generate the recruitment of public officials across all sectors because there is no longer any power inaccessible to political parties,” said Titi Anggraini, a lecturer at the Faculty of Law, University of Indonesia, during a discussion on “Political Party Reform, Is it Possible?” at Muhammadiyah University Jakarta (UMJ), Ciputat (12/14).”

According to Titi, transparency up to this point remains an empty space. So far, the follow-up regarding party finances only extends to compliance with procedures without touching the validity of the reported information.

“The validity is still an empty space. While campaign funds have oversight from Bawaslu, there is no institution overseeing party finances,” she explained.

Furthermore, this is what causes the proliferation of political corruption practices in Indonesia. In addition to the lack of financial accountability, it is also supported by the undemocratic nature of internal party dynamics that do not place party sovereignty in the hands of its members. She observes that, so far, party policies are only determined by the party chairperson, treasurer, and daily administrators. []


Translated by Catherine Natalia