July 12, 2024

Undemocratic Political Party Hampers Career of Young Politicians

Any political party that fails to improve their internal democratization is hampering the career of their young politicians. The current trend of clientelism in Indonesian politics is disadvantageous to young generation of politicians.

“Within political party, there is no clear prospect of career for young politicians,” says Arya Fernandes, a researcher from the Department of Politics and International Relations of the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) during the “Youth Conference on Anti-Corruption” (11/28).

Arya explains that in order for someone to be able to acquire strategic position in political party, he/she have to has close or personal relation with the party elites. However, a survey conducted by CSIS in 2015 shows that in many regional areas in Indonesia, young politicians are starting to gain important position in political parties.

However, in big cities and central areas, such regeneration does not happen. Party chairmanship is still dominated by old names.

“The challenge of our democracy today is regeneration and internal democratization within political party,” says Arya