April 18, 2024

Voter Who Wants to Switch Polling Station Should Submit A5 Form

Any voter who would like to change their current predetermined Polling Station should submit an A5 form to their nearest village or kelurahan administration office. The form can also be obtained at the same office. They must submit the form no later than three days before the voting day.

“The voter should come to the nearest Election Committee (PPS) Office at village or kelurahan office and request A5 form no later than three days before the election,” says Betty Epsilon Idroos, a member of the Jakarta Election Commission (KPU Jakarta) (02/07).

The election officer at PPS will verify the voter’s data with the data contained on the voter’s electronic Resident Identification Card (e-KTP) or letter of certificate from the Residents and Civil Registry Office (Dukcapil). Then KPU will issue two copies of A5 form: one copy is for the voter and the other will be kept by KPU to the archive.

“Transferred voter will then be able to vote at polling station of their own choosing start at 07:00 AM until 01:00 PM,” says Betty.

In the applicable regulation, KPU allows voter to change their predetermined polling station for various conditions and reasons, such as work assignment, study abroad, being hospitalized, or being in jail.