July 15, 2024

This is the Women Affirmative Policy Proposed by PPP

During the plenary meeting of the Special Committee for the new Election Law Bill, the Unity Development Party (PPP) proposes that the government should improve affirmative policy for women. This is because the previous affirmative policy is deemed unsuccessful in increasing women representation in parliament.

“We propose the government to adopt additional regulation that oblige political party to place woman candidate as their number one candidate in the candidates’ list,” says a member of the Special Committee from PPP, Ahmadi Baidowi, during the meeting, Jakarta (11/31).

This proposal is highly appreciated by the Association for Elections and Democracy (Perludem). In addition, Perludem proposes an idea that the government should also adopt a regulation that oblige political party to recruit woman member in at least 30 percent of their total regular members. This is important so that political party will not ignore their female cadres.

“Affirmative policy for women must be adopted in the new Election Law. We can increase the number and quality of our female politicians if political party gives them more chances to be involved in decision making process,” says Titi Anggraini, the Executive Director of Perludem (12/01).

PPP is the only political party that propose affirmative policy during the meeting. It is expected that more political party will consider this issue as priority.