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Figuring Out the Scheme for the Funding of Simultaneous Regional Elections

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 The budgeting for the previous simultaneous regional election 2015 became an important matter to be evaluated. The Pilkada funding by the APDB were considered problematic. Various schemes were proposed. The Pilkada funding scheme from the annual regional budget (APDB) issued various problems. In the creation of the budget of the previous Pilkada of 2015, there were some striking variation between one region and another.

The variation of the regional budgeting caused the quality difference of Pilkada

Fadli Ramadhanil, an observer in the Association for Elections and Democracy (Perludem) said the Pilkada budgeting through APDB is often influenced by the interest of the district head. Should the district head is re-nominated, the relative budget will be made easier even exceeding the normal amount. However, if the district head will not be made a candidate again, the budget will be made tougher.

Masykurudin Hafidz, the national coordinator of The Peoples Voters Education Network (JPPR) added, the fluctuating budget is influenced by the availability of budget, the district head who will be nominated again, the relationship between the organizer with the head of the district and DPRD, as well as funding allocation for campaign.

This made the organizer; The General Elections Committee (KPU) and The Elections Supervisory Committee (Panwaslu) in the district turn chaotic. The organizer was burdened by additional task of asking budget to Pemda. Often times, the steps must run with a minimum budget.

“KPU and Panwaslu must finally do their portions. The organizer must advocate the budget to Pemda,” said Juri Ardiantoro, a member of KPU during “Consummation of Pilkada Regulation” in DKPP courtroom, Bawaslu building, Central Jakarta (10/2)

To overcome this matter so that it wont happen again in the simultaneous Pilkada of 2017, various schemes were proposed. Pilkadawas proposed only to be funded by APBN.

“If the funding is redirected to APBN, the Pilkada funding can be done using one door, and that is through The Home Affairs Ministry (Kemendagri). The liquefaction of the Pilkada fund can be simultaneously done as well as diminishing intervention from the district head towards Pilkada funding,” when contacted in Perludem office, South Jakarta (9/2).

However, Juri Ardiantoro gave a note if the Pilkada funding scheme by the APBN is applied. First, the capability of APBN in funding the simultaneous Pilkada of 2017 that will be held in 101 regions need to be ascertained. Second, the funding organization must have a regional perspective.

“The experience of the national election often construct budget for the region from the perspective of Jakarta. Whilst the fact is that region has more needs that is way different and depending on geographical condition, and etc. It should have been constructed based on the regions capability,” Juri said.

Beside the scheme, the Pilkada funding scheme by APBN that is helped by APDB also surfaced. Kemendagri is among them who proposed this scheme. Similar to that, the JPPR assessed that this scheme could become the solution.

“Funding combination between central and region can be the solution for the Pilkada budget problem to ensure availability and adequate standard funding,” said the national coordinator of JPPR, Masykurudin Hafiz, to Rumah Pemilu (19/1).

The difficulty of the scheme implementation lies in composing which component should be funded by APBN and which should be funded by APBD. The communication of the central-region will also be tough because the budget year has run.

The government as well as DPR must immediately choose and decide the scheme for the Pilkada funding. The Pilkada funding scheme needs to be decided immediately in the revision of the Pilkada Law so that the implementation for the Pilkada of 2017 will not be stagnated. The certainty of the scheme and the readiness of budget need to be assured, for KPU as well as Panwaslu.

“The amount of Pilkada funding highly affects the continuation of the stages and the number of participation,” Masykur said.


Translated by Andina Amelia

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