Idaman Party Set Out to Challenge KPU’s Decision

The General Secretary of Islam Peace Safe (Idaman) Party, Ramdansyah, sues the Elections Commission (KPU) to the Elections Monitoring Body (Bawaslu) over an allegation of administrative violation. Ramdansyah argues that KPU had conducted technical error during political party registration process for the 2019 Elections, and had not been fair and transparent about the registration process.

“KPU has decided that we are not qualified to register since the submission of the required documents. We are very disappointed that KPU has become the only ‘executioner’ on which party is qualified and unqualified. We have bring this case to Bawaslu,” says Ramdansyah (10/28).

Ramdansyah says that Idaman Party faced some difficulty in opening bank account. Many banks refused to open new bank account for the party because of the lack of regulation. Party members in regional areas also faced difficulties in uploading required documents for registration due to different file formats and poor internet connection.

By the end of registration period, KPU determines that Idaman Party is not qualified for registration because they do not submit data of their bank account and complete address of their branch offices in local areas.

Political Parties Uploaded Empty Documents

Based on Ramdan’s investigation, there are three political parties that have been determined qualified by KPU who uploaded documents with no data in them. There is even a political party which uploaded data of their branch in Yogyakarta as branch data in West Sulawesi.

“After some research and investigation, we’ve found several political parties uploaded only empty documents and even inaccurate documents, but KPU has determined these parties as qualified,” says Ramdan.

Two Demands of Idaman Party

Idaman Party, represented by Ramdan, says KPU has violated two principles as election management body: the principle of fairness and transparency. Therefore, Idaman Party demands two things. First, if Idaman Party is deemed as unqualified for election registration, then the three parties that uploaded empty and inaccurate documents should also deemed unqualified. Second, if those three parties are allowed to participate in 2019 Elections, then Idaman Party should also be allowed to participate.

“We want fairness and justice. We have proof: we have 210,000 members and 6,100 branch offices all over Indonesia,” says Ramdan.

Perludem: Bawaslu Should Monitor the Data Uploaded to Sipol

The Executive Director of Association for Elections and Democracy (Perludem), Titi Anggraini, says, the case of Idaman Party is different from the case of the three parties that uploaded empty documents. The three parties have at least hard copy documents to be submitted to Political Party Information System (Sipol).

Titi hopes Bawaslu will monitor the data contained in the documents uploaded to Sipol.

“It’s a different case entirely between Idaman Party and the three parties. That’s why Bawaslu need to elaborate the data in Sipol,” says Titi.