Juli 18, 2024

Related Articles To Position and Authority of KPU Chairman

The passing of chairman of the General Election Commission, Husni Kamil Manik means a vacant leadership institutionally and structurally. This absence also means emptiness of KPU commissioner. In Law Number 15 Year 2011 concerning General Election Organizer lists an explanation about KPU chairman position and authority which are important in running the election organizer institution.

“KPU chairman has a role as a facilitator of KPU as institution particularly in external relations with its partners,” said executive director of the Association for Elections and Democracy (Perludem), Titi Anggraini (7/12).

Titi explained, internally in a collective collegial leadership collegial, KPU chairman acts as facilitator in managing the organization, particularly in regard to institutional administrative tasks, chairing meetings, signing papers, and other organizational routines.

The detailed explanation of Titi*s remarks are in Law Number 15 Year 2011 concerning General Election Organizer. The following are articles related to the position and authority of KPU chairman:

Part Two on Status, Structure and Membership, Article 6 establishes the number of KPU commissioners and the procedure of chairman election. Subsection (1) part a states the number of KPU commissioners are 7 (seven). Subsection 2 explains KPU membership shall consist of a chairman doubles as members. Subsection 3 explains KPU chairman is elected from and by the members.

Article 7 Paragraph (1) specifies KPU chairman duties as follows: a. lead the plenary meeting and all KPU activities; b. act for and on behalf of KPU internally and externally; c. provide official information about the policies and activities of KPU; and d. sign all regulations and decisions of KPU. In explanation part, it is explained that provision d means, the one who is entitled to sign regulations and decisions of KPU is the Chairman. Paragraph (2) explains, in carrying out their duties, the Chairman of KPU shall be responsible to the plenary meeting.

Part Three on duties, authorities, and obligations in Paragraph (4) provision h emphasizes KPU in organizing the election is responsible for making a report in every plenary meeting signed by the chairman and commissioners of KPU.

Article 35 describes the Plenary Meeting. Paragraph (3) reads, in a case of chairman absence, the plenary meeting of KPU, Provincial KPU, and Regency / City KPU is led by one of the members elected by acclamation.

Article 36 describes the determination of election result. Paragraph (1) reads, the chairman shall sign determination of election result decided in a plenary session within the period of 3 (three) days. Paragraph (2) reads, in terms of the determination of the election result is not signed by the chairman within three (3) days referred to in paragraph (1), one of the members sin the determination of election results.

Article 50 on members of Overseas Poll Workers (KPPSLN), Paragraph (2) reads, KPPSLN Members are appointed and dismissed by the chairman of the PPLN on behalf of the KPU Chairman.

Article 57 describes the Secretary-General of KPU relates to KPU chairman. Paragraph (6) reads KPU Secretary General is responsible to the KPU chairman.

In general, the absence / cessation of membership of KPU described in Paragraph 5 on Termination. Article 27 Paragraph (1) reads, members of KPU, Provincial KPU, and Regency / City temporarily quit because: a. die; b. resigned for reasons that are acceptable; c. other remains incapacitated; or d. dishonorably discharged.

Then, Paragraph (5) reads, interim replacement commissioners of KPU referred to in paragraph (1) shall be conducted as follows: a. KPU commissioners are replaced by a candidate member of KPU following rank order of the results of the election conducted by the House of Representatives.

KPU constitutional strategic role as the national election management bodies, permanent and independent requires continuing leadership. The understanding of the authority of the chairman is an important consideration in the leadership of KPU at least as good as before. []


Translated by SL