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Elected Female Candidates in Local Elections of 2017

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Concurrent Local Elections of 2017 that was run on February 15th 2017 in 101 electoral areas resulted in 13 elected female candidates out of 45 participating female candidates. There are 1 elected female deputy governor, 2 elected female mayors, 1 elected female vice-mayor, 8 elected female regents, and 1 elected female vice-regent.

In governorship local elections of 2017 in four provinces, there are two female governor candidates, they are Hana Hasanah Fadel in Gorontalo Province and Irene Manibuy in West Irian Province. Two other female candidate run for deputy governor position, they are Sylviana Murni in Jakarta Special Region and Enny Anggraeni Anwar in West Sulawesi Province.

Out of the four female candidates, only Enny Anggraeni Anwar got elected. Enny is the deputy governor candidate for the governor candidate Ali Baal, a member of Commission IX of the National Parliament. Enny is also a member of the Parliament from Golkar Party, and is the wife of the Governor of West Sulawesi, Anwar Adnan Saleh. In the election, Ali and Enni gained 38,67 percent of the votes.

In the municipality elections, there are two elected female candidates out of 6 participating candidates. The first one is Dewanti Rumpoko who got elected as the mayor of Batu Municipality. Dewanti is pairing with elected vice-mayor candidate Punjul Santoso, who is the incumbent vice-mayor of Batu Municipality. Dewanti is currently working as a lecturer in the Faculty of Psychology, Malang Liberty University. Dewanti and Punjul gained 44,46 percent of the votes.

The second elected female mayor is Tjhai Chui Mie in Singkawang Municipality. Tjhai is a member of Local Parliament (DPRD) of Singkawang. She and Irwan, her vice-mayor candidate, gained 42,60 percent of the votes. However, in Singkawang Local Election, there are around 40,2 percent of voters who did not execute their voting rights. Tjhai is supported by four major political parties: Indonesia Democracy Party-Struggle (PDI-P), Democrat Party, National Democrat Party, and People’s Conscience Party (Hanura).

Meanwhile, in local elections for regent position, there are eight elected female candidates out of 15 participating candidates.

First, Idza Priyanti in Brebes Regency. Idza and her vice-regent candidate, Narjo, are the incumbent candidates. Idza and Narjo gained 67,02 percent of the votes. The voters turnout in Brebes Local Election is 55,4 percent.

Second, Winarti in Tulang Bawang Regency. Winarti is the chairperson of the Local Parliament of Tulang Bawang. Meanwhile, her vice-regent candidate, Hendriwansyah, is the chairperson of the local branch of National Mandate Party (PAN). Winarti and Hendri gained 47,63 of the votes.

Third, Masnah Busro in Muaro Jambi. Masnah is a member of Muaro Jambi’s Local Parliament. Masnah and her vice-regent candidate, Bambang Bayu Suseno, gained 40,09 percent of the votes.

Fourth, Neneng Hasanah Yasin in Bekasi. Neneng is the incumbent candidate, meanwhile her vice-regent candidate, Eka Supria Atmaja, is the chairperson of Bekasi’s Local Parliament. Neneng and Eka gained 39,83 percent of the votes.

Fifth, Karolin Margret Natasa in Landak. Karolin is a member of Local Parliament from Indonesian Democracy Party-Struggle, and is a daughter of the Governor of West Kalimantan, Cornelis. Karolin and her vice-regent candidate, Herculanus Heriadi, are the only candidate in Landak Local Election. They gained 96,72 percent of the votes against “empty column”.

Sixth, Nurhidayah in West Kotawaringin. Nurhidayah is the vice-chairperson of West Kotawaringin’s Local Parliament from the Golkar Party. Meanwhile, her vice-regent candidate, Ahmadi Riansyah, is the second vice-chairperson of the same Local Parliament from PDI-P. Nurhidayah and Ahmadi gained 52,43 percent of the votes.

Seventh, Noormiliyani in Barito Kuala. Noormiliyani is the chairperson of South Kalimantan Local Parliament and the wife of the incumbent regent of Barito Kuala, Hasanuddin Murad. Noormiliyani and her vice-regent candidate, Rahmadian, gained 48,76 percent of the votes.

Eight, Yasti Soepredjo Mokoagow in Bolaang Mongondow. Yasti is a member of Commission X of the National Parliament. Yasti and her vice-regent candidate, Yanny Ronny Tuuk, gained 64,88 percent of the votes.

For vice-mayor position, there is one elected female candidate out of four participating candidate, she is Pahima Iskandar in Sorong Municipality. Pahima and her mayor candidate, Lamberthus Jitmau, are the incumbent candidate. They gained 77,95 percent of the votes. However, until the day of the writing of this article, the Election Commission has only count around 93,81 percent of total votes from Sorong Local Election.

For vice-regent position, there is only one elected female candidate out of 15 participating candidates, she is Satya Titiek Atyani Djoedir in South Barito. Titiek is the incumbent candidate and supported by seven major political parties: Golkar, PAN, Democrat, National Democrat, Unity and Development Party (PPP), Nation Awakening Party (PKB), and Justice and Prosperity Party (PKS).

Those thirteen elected female candidates are excluding the result from Papua’s Local Election of 2017. The official website of the Election Commission has not published the result of the election in Papua. This article is based on the data published on the Election Commission’s website.

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